Our Story

Begum Ayesha Akram Afridi Memorial Trust is a nonprofit organization designed to promote the welfare of abandoned women and children in need, including children with physical disabilities and life-threatening diseases.

At Begum Ayesha Akram Afridi Memorial Trust, programs to foster children’s ethical social, and intellectual development are given priority. While nurturing their capacity to think skillfully and critically, we also strive to deepen their commitment to social values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal responsibility, and respect for others. Qualities we believe are essential to lead humane and productive lives in a democratic society.

What We Do

• Provide monetary help to orphans, widows and abandoned women.
• Provide financial assistance to needy children.
• Provide basic needs to children abused by child labour.

At BAAAMT, we believe in helping misfortunate people, not with money but by something far more valuable.

Our History

Charity work in Luxembourg

Our founder, Mr. Sher Bahadur Khan Afridi started taking interest in charitable work from a very young age. Inspired by his parents, especially his mother, late Mrs. Ayesha Begum, who taught him the importance of helping the needy and thus he started charity work with her and has continued to do so ever since.

He moved to Luxembourg in 1982 and got a job. His passion ever burning bright, he restarted his charitable work there and formed “Anjuman-e-Pakistan” an association, where the Pakistani community living in Luxembourg attended.

He organised many cultural and social heritage events including Luxembourg and Pakistan bringing the cultures closer to each other and raising awareness of our culture in Luxembourg successfully increasing the local’s interest and love for our food, clothes, dance & values. He had a liaison with the Ministry of Family, the Ministry of Culture, CLAE, IRFF and ASTI with whom he collaborated to arrange Socio-cultural and charitable events.

This work evolved very successfully which eventually led to the formation of Ayesha Begum Charity Luxembourg A.S.B.L in 2001 a non-governmental organisation named after my mother; my inspiration. We were then introduced to the “Bazaar International” which is is a huge event involving all communities in Luxembourg that takes place annually. Here all countries set up a stand displaying their culture, selling authentic food, clothes etc. An incredibly inclusive event that brings everyone together in appreciation of each other’s countries and cultures. 

Past Events

  1. Soirée Pakistanaise on the 10th of November 2000 (Invited musical group from Pakistan 
  2. Festival des Migrations, des cultures ET de la citoyenneté (CLAE) on the 23rd if March 2003.
  3. Carnivale des cultures (ASTI) on the 12th of July 2002.
  4. Festival des Migrations,des cultures et de la citoyenneté (CLAE) on the 23rd of March 2003.
  5. Charity dinner organized for PAIX JUSTE for Palestinian children in 2003.
  6. 8éme semaine Tieres Monde in the Pétange commune on the 5th of October 2003.
  7. Sponsor gift hamper to BAZAAR INTERNATIONAL for PAKISTAN STAND from 2001 to 2005.
  8. Organized gastronomy village for the inauguration of Centre Culturel Abbaye Neumünster in 2004.
  9. Soirée Pakistanaise on the 12th of February 2005 at Centre Culturel Abbaye Neumünster. (Invited Shaheed Amjad Farid Sabri Qawwal)
  10.  Information meeting with IRFF (Foundation International de se Course et d’Amitié International.) NGO-dpi of the United Nations on the 1st of October 2005 at Centre Culturel de Cents, in order to construct an ecological garden near the new school of Betzdorf Commune with financial support from European Union. The project will be based on International Camp of youngsters and their families from different communities on spring 2006.
  11.  Ayesha Begum Charity Luxembourg asbl has launched an emergency appeal to help the victims. In addition to rescue operation and rehabilitation “DONATE A EURO FOR PAKISTAN” with the help of WFWP (Women’s Federation of World Peace), FFPM (Federation des femmes pour la paix mondiale international) part of United Nations and others.
  12. Organized “Pilot Project” with IRFF associated with UNESCO and the commune of Betzdorf. A social gathering and helping in the forest to build paths.

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