Build A Water Well

This is Mandikas, a small village situated in the beautiful town of Bara, khyber district in the north part of Pakistan. This town populates 1500 people who unfortunately do not have access to clean and hygienic drinking water and deal with the consequences of this daily. Their source of water mainly comes from open waters such as ponds or rivers.

These murky waters are shared with animals in the area and are often filled with rubbish, grime, and even deification from animals. Without a proper filtration system, the people of Bara are consuming this water filled with bacteria that is causing severe illness and deaths every day, many of which include vulnerable children whose bodies are not strong enough to deal with these fatal illness-causing bacterias.

A Means For Safe Water

Fortunately, the solution is not a hard one; a simple hand pump with a built-in filtration system can provide a clean and hygienic water source for thousands of families. Although the solution is there, funds are lacking. BAAAMT is ready with volunteers and the connections to make this happen but first, we must raise enough money to build these water pumps so everyone in the village has access to them.

Each hand pump costs £700 to purchase & install. Those with readily available clean water cannot understand the blessing of this simple yet vital source of life, whether your donation is large or small it is still an indispensable contribution that will bring us closer to our joint aim: providing clean water and saving lives.

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