Lend A Hand Program Efforts

Microcredit, An effort in-deed.

BAAAMT Microcredit makes its mission to break the cycle of poverty through an offer of both financial and social development tools aiming at the improvement of the recipients’ living conditions, creating a sustainable approach to enhance and to cement the confidence of life.

This type of credit makes it possible for people who are excluded from the banking system.

If you intend to borrow the Type “A” OR Type “B” Microcredit, you are committing to becoming a part of BAAAMT to strengthen the cause and to safeguard Bye-laws with your participation, honesty, and co-operations.

Types Of Micro Credits Available

Type “A”

This is a loan or QARD-e HASANAH from Pak Rupee 1,000.00 to 5,000.00 which can be granted to individuals of any religion and cast subject to the fulfilment of few and easy conditions. No Fee or service charges are required.

Type “B”

This is a TERM Microcredit HELP to empower the needy and poor people irrespective of any religion ranges from Pak Rupee 10, 000.00 to 150, 000.00 and must be paid within the stipulated time period of application and subject to approval from the board of Trustees. This loan will incur service charges associated to administer the credit.

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