Educating Future Generations

Government Girls Primary School which lies in a remote area in Alnoor Society, Karachi, Pakistan is a school that consists of 100/200 Students and 10 Teachers. It was established in 1976 for girls but now has become a co-educational school to avoid a close-down.


This school has 6 classrooms and a teachers office a large playground and only 2 toilets which is definitely not enough because of the dilapidated conditions of the infrastructure.
The state of the classroom is not in a condition where teaching or learning could take place due to the lack of material, poor quality of desk and chairs, dull environment, poor lighting and the worse no heating and cooling system.


All this has led to a massive decline in the enrollment rate as teachers nor their students are obviously motivated to attend the classes. There is not enough source of water and the hygiene system is extremely poor. This practice poses a lot of health risks.

Creating An Impact

We have already started with some renovation and started building walls to secure the safety of students and also to avoid the area being used as a dump area (garbage being dumped over the walls as shown on the pictures). The number of teachers/students have increased from 25 students in 2016 to around 200 students and Teachers from 2 Teachers in 2016 to 10 Teachers now.


It is obvious that after the maintenance and a better environment the enrollment has increased and will increase even more. Our goal is firstly and most importantly to ensure the Hygiene of the school and of the children. We will be teaching the students about hygiene and how all of us together can help to make sure that we can change the state of the school appropriately for better education. We will ensure that teachers check the state of all students daily.


The teachers, students and the other volunteer helping hands can make a lot of difference to the environment. We will encourage students that together we can make their classrooms much more interesting and creative. With your help, we can provide the necessary material/equipment, comfortable desks and chairs, stationery, books and much more. We need to make sure that the playground has swings, slides etc. Provide children with cricket/football equipment. All this we can achieve with some volunteers and generous donations.

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